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 Stoney Cove Saturday 18th June

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PostSubject: Stoney Cove Saturday 18th June   Sun Jun 19, 2011 11:55 am

Swimming with Pike

OK so not as exciting as turtles and dolphins but still good fun. Andy W and I managed to spend just over 3 hrs underwater yesterday at Stoney, most of it with the pike who are all quite active now it is warmer, apart from one poorly one.

Dive 1 saw us heading down a nice clear roadway all the way down to 35m. Not kicked up as all the traffic to the hydrobox seemed to have gone straight down the line. At the bottom were some small white bottom dwelling fish, (no idea what they were, sure someone will let me know). From the bottom we turned left onto a 165 degree heading, ascending as we did to 20m and onto the training area to find a gnome garden, we had not seen this before. From here we went back across to the bustop area, up to 4.5m, then had a swim to the left past the shop to find 6 pike. Then back along to the exit points to find a big pike that had been fighting, torn lip, then out when Andy had no air left - don't worry I still had plenty and we were near the ladders, do not attempt to do this deeper, it doesn't work!
85 min dive.

Dive 2 was shallower and longer.....
In this dive we had set off to take another look at the Smart car, so from the bustop we found the old bus, then went to the south side of the Stanegarth and found the Smart car looking a bit wrecked, not in very good condition now Sad
From this and the blue mini it's a short swim north to the side of the Stanegarth, had a swim through here, then we went up to the Nautilus where there is a small poorly looking pike hiding. He did come out for photos and to have a look at some students running along the bottom after their instructor, sadly not noticing him. From there we went into the room under the pub, at least 8 crayfish in there, all very defensive, we had also seen several out and about. Spent the last 20 mins on the shallow 4.5m area till we clocked up 100 mins and were a little cold so called it a day.

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Andy W
always moist & wet
always moist & wet

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PostSubject: Re: Stoney Cove Saturday 18th June   Sun Jun 19, 2011 12:57 pm

A Superb couple of times, 186 minutes in total, a very relaxing day to say the least.

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Stoney Cove Saturday 18th June
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