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 Diving in Greece

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PostSubject: Diving in Greece   Tue Sep 16, 2008 10:27 am

Hi all, Just got back from the extremely warm and lovely island of Zante Cool

didn't manage to get in the water all that much (heard there was plenty over here tho) so the lovely brown is from the sun and not rust from the sea, in truth i wasn't allowed to go diving that much Sad due to money contraints!!!! however I did manage one brilliant dive... It was a boat dive (my first ever) a complete new experience, went down to a max depth of 18m, didn't think there was much sea life at first till we came round the first cove and then there they were, unfortunately i didn't have a camera so couldn't get the pics. got a bit nervous been at that depth but rather than panicing (again) i managed to control my breathing and kept calm after a moment it passed and the i was off....loving in. in total we were down for about 40minutes and as usual i managed to drink nearly a full tank again but it was worth it. now i'm back looking forward to coming out with smudge, squirrel and everyone and now smudge is back starting my advanced ow????? Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
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Diving in Greece
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