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 greetings from a strange Menorca

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greetings from a strange Menorca Empty
PostSubject: greetings from a strange Menorca   greetings from a strange Menorca EmptyTue Sep 16, 2008 8:55 pm

Hi Guys, sorry for being late with this but things have been a little strange. Razz We were the last plane allowed to land last Friday with all other flights being diverted to Palma. This was due t a thunderstorm from hell that we flew through. At one point the plane dropped 20 feet. affraid Trust me when I say the strongest muscle in your body is the sphyncter Shocked We had cars pulling off he road on the way across the island because the storm was so bad. :x But to diving the west coast has been blown out all week until today so we have only got one dive a day in Sad Today we were back to normal with Cala Blanca bay and Pont DŽen Gil. Weather now stunningly hot, beer cold and friends warm. Sorry you can't be here. Twisted Evil See you all soon lol! lol! Tink & Ange
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greetings from a strange Menorca
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