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 First Sea Dives of the Season

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PostSubject: First Sea Dives of the Season   Sun Apr 13, 2014 11:23 am

Farne Islands: First Sea Dives of 2014

After a beautiful flat calm day on Friday the sea decided to turn and get slightly choppy
for my first sea dives yesterday. After a lot of rolling about my buddy Stacey was not fit to dive pale 

Dive One
Joined another buddy pair but then they could not get down so after some waiting at 6m decided to join two other friends.

We had a pleasant 36 minute 17m dive looking at some fairly static stuff, apart from a lot of hermits and squat lobsters among a field of urchins, anemones  and dead man's fingers.

Interesting ascent needing all 3 dsmb's. 1 'blow and go' dsmb had to be released, second one snagged by the dive boat going over it and dragging my 2 buddies up. They descended to re-group with me, (advantages of looking very yellow these days) and we had a nice leisurely ascent and safety top on mine - an old fashioned dsmb that one has to inflate oneself Smile 

Dive Two

With a few more divers opting out of dive two we had some new buddy pairings. I then had a nice 28m 46 minute dive, along with another blow and go technical hitch, coming up on my dsmb again. A lot more to see this time, one Pollack, several huge lobsters and an enormous edible crab.
It was pitch black if you turned your torches off  affraid 

All in all nice to get back into the salty stuff again even if still a little cold at 7 degrees


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First Sea Dives of the Season
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