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 Dotty weekend

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PostSubject: Dotty weekend   Sun Apr 29, 2012 10:47 pm

Well what can i say, that has not already been said about this dive site? Nothing really fits even though I have done alot of dives here it still amazes me every visit.
Saturday, the Sun was out and the lake looked its best, just me and Dori having a bimble, so a well planned dive to the road at 40mtr and a swim around the far side of the pinnacle, Dive one 93 minuets, even saw a wild Brown trout looking rather perplexed at the strange things in front of it. I don't think it had ever seen a diver before!!! I certainly haven't seen any fish in there before so i don't know who was most surprised!!!
Once we had had a rummaged for a few newts, which there was shed loads of on the deco ledge at 6 mtrs, we surfaced to a worried looking Amy who had got the brews ready, well almost (top shore cover Amy Thank you x). Turns out my stove was empty of fuel.....ooops. So put right and a hot brew to take off the chill and we was planning the next dip.
Never seen the underwater Forrest so off we trotted.........

Thank you to Craig and Amy who nipped off for Fills from Vivian.

Didn't quite find the wood for the trees so to speak but the 18mtr tunnel was interesting. another 50 minuets under our belts and off for a hot bath.
After some dinner we headed out for a little walk around Dotty finding a few new buildings amazing still finding. Back home just after sunset.

Sunday, a nice lazy start as we where staying in Tal y san village thank to a great little find.
What a contrast in the weather, the clouds where hiding the sun and they where dropping the wet stuff.......the wind was meanly pushing it sideways across the lake Very Happy
Sheelagh and Jack Joined us, we planned the 40mtr ledge above the 57mtr tunnel, a little Aerobic swim and we dropped down the line from the surface, all was going well till we hit the floor and Craig decided to have a wee free flow, so sorted and off we went , Doc and Jack taking a few snaps of the gnomes, them back up the ridge round to the 24mtr tunnel and back for a safety stop and again a newt hunt.
Back to the top of cardiac hill for the 5th time in two days, (should pass my medical no problem Smile )
Hot drinks hiding behind the van to avoid the rain still coming down sideways!!! then quick top up with air and off again, Dori sat the next dive out as she had got a little damp on the first dive, even after five patches on her suit!!
We went in search of the crane jib at 35mtr, missed it tho. Still we did have a great dive and a few pictures of the jib at 12mtrs, then back to the shore, another walk up the hill, thought it would be getting easier HA, not!
Packed and headed for a well earned Shandy at the Newbrough arms (thank you Jack)
All in all a great weekend, well chuffed with the Cottage, i can see me staying they many more times.
Will post a few pictures later...........
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Dive Master & AMED

PostSubject: Re: Dotty weekend   Mon Apr 30, 2012 2:23 pm

Thank you all for the dives on Sunday
Spongebob.....excellent guiding!!

Sorry but stobe/synch cord plays up at 5 degrees so quality dropped off
need to investigate that study
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PostSubject: Re: Dotty weekend   Mon Apr 30, 2012 8:04 pm

Note the damaged Gnome some plunker has damaged..... Suspect
We had a great day putting that in and some muppet has spoilt it. Evil or Very Mad
I think their are some real tossers in the diving community which is such a pity as its such a fantastic past time...
red card
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PostSubject: Re: Dotty weekend   Mon Apr 30, 2012 8:09 pm

anoy yep they've been broken not long after we put them in

Good pictures as usual Mrs K
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Andy W
always moist & wet
always moist & wet

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PostSubject: Re: Dotty weekend   Mon Apr 30, 2012 8:33 pm

Excellent pics as usual, wish I could of been there !!!

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PostSubject: Re: Dotty weekend   

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Dotty weekend
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