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 gnomes & birthdays

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Pappa Smudge

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PostSubject: gnomes & birthdays   Sun Feb 05, 2012 5:48 pm

Capernwray 5th February 2012
Gnomes & Birthdays

After a bit of panic with people over the weather, Capernwray was very quiet. A good turn by friends of ProScuba and Just Dive. The dive today was organised by Pete (spongebob) as 'bring a Gnome' to help set up a new garden in the shallows. Two fantastic dives and plenty of knomes added.

Thanks to Everyone for the Birthday Cake, I try to keep these things quiet, but it always seems to get out!

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PADI Assistant Instructor

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PostSubject: Re: gnomes & birthdays   Sun Feb 05, 2012 8:17 pm

Well what a challenging day, first the weather was against many of us, you was sadly missed, but for those of us that made it Thank you. Two Great dives, the first was to get the Gnomes Re-housed and settled in there new Gnome!! Mission completed back to the cafe for a fairys BAxxxxD Sorry I had to (AW) toasted tea cake!!! PMSL. Oh and a cheese toasty!
Dive two was just for fun and to give the sediment time to settle, maybe I will be selling a few PPB's this year Very Happy
We headed off to the Aeroplane on to the bell, heli 2 back through the V and a few more pictures of the family now well and truly settled in there new Gnomes......
The second big success of the was my new pee valve, WoooooHoooooo was the cry once i had over come the mental block of peeing myself!! Embarassed But this is definitely the future of my diving.

Great to see you all having so much fun and leaving our legacy for Capernwray.

Don't forget if you visit them take them a friend
Thank you everyone again for the sterling effort
Lets hope we can have many more joint ventures.
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Andy W
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always moist & wet

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PostSubject: Smudges Birthday / Bring a Gnome day   Sun Feb 05, 2012 8:26 pm


The New Gnome Garden Begins !!!

A Fantastic day as usual and great to meet some new friends !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was also great to take a look at a different aspect of Capernwray that I had never seen from this angle. We all think we know capers and have dived it to death but Smudge made me fully aware that there are different parts to Capers that many of us wouldnt recognise, how right you were. !!!!

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PostSubject: Re: gnomes & birthdays   

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gnomes & birthdays
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