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PostSubject: Tynemouth   Sun Jun 19, 2011 10:12 am

Mr Killa and I travelled to Tynemouth yesterday to dive two wrecks, the 'Pandora' and a wreck called 'Anne'. We dived with Alan Lopez on his boat, Spellbinder.

The drive up was aweful with horrendous rain and once, maybe twice I contemplated doing a U turn and heading home however, we charged on regardless. What a good decision it was too. Once we arrived at the Mill Dam Jetty the sea was flat calm and the clouds disappeared. The boat was loaded and ropes we're off for the 45 minute steam to the Pandora.

I don't know much about the wreck to give a hitsory lesson regading it demise needless to say it once floated now its on the sea bed !!. Two of the lads on board had dived it two days before and said the vis was not very good at all, maximum 2m vis at best was claimed. It was surprise to all when the first two divers jumped and descended and we could still see them at 5m before the boat drifted away. Killa & I jumped and descended to discover thr vis on the bottom was about 10m, awesome. Loads of marie life with pollock, lobsters, butterfish, squat lobsters and the biggest edible crab I've ever seen. It would have filled any mans dinner plate and would have been a meal on its own. Dive tie 46mins and max depth 22m.

2nd dive was a wreck acalled 'Anne'. his lay at the sea bed at approx 20m and although the vis wasn't quite as good this time the amount of fish around the wreck was uncanny, Tynemouth language !! We had a mooch around and found more lobsters, shrimp, squat lobsters and more, smaller edible crabs. We could still see the sea bed when ascending from about 5m so vis wasn't too bad. Dive time of 37mins max depth 20m.

On the steam home the deck hand caught a coulpe of fish, Cod, Makeral and a Pollock, I think. Spag Bol to boot and we docked with full bellies and a smile on our faces from a great days diving.

Roll on the Farnes in three weeks.

bounce bounce bounce bounce
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PostSubject: Tynemouth    Sun Jun 19, 2011 12:02 pm

As my fellow leg end said we had a very good days diving.

The trip up would have been better in a canoe, given the few hairy moments aquaplaning!!!!

The dive boat and crew were very friendly and knowledgable. the boat with 12 divers was quite busy - 10 would be better but given diver lift, toilet, cabin area etc was vey good.

The diving was as per Rob excellent. The vis was far better than expected and plenty of sea life around. The 2nd Wreck was i think called Hanne but may as per Rob.

The cost for the 2 dives was 40 which given good food was good value.

Would certainly recommend organising a trip with them.

Roll on the farnes.
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Andy W
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always moist & wet

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PostSubject: Re: Tynemouth   Sun Jun 19, 2011 12:46 pm

Two LEGENDS diving in harmony !!!


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PostSubject: Re: Tynemouth   Sun Jun 19, 2011 1:46 pm

But not driving in harmony by the sound of it
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PostSubject: Re: Tynemouth   

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