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 Diving in the Red Sea off Hurghada

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Advanced Open Water

PostSubject: Diving in the Red Sea off Hurghada   Sun Jul 27, 2008 7:45 pm

Hi Everyone,

We have been here 8 days and have managed to get in 3 days diving. All off boats two dives per day. The girls were brilliant and stayed on the boat whilst we went down together. It was great to do our first proper dive together. And what can we say................Its absolutely amazing, everything we have seen doesnt seem real, its like looking at photographs, the corals and pinnacles look so good as if they are made of plastic. The colours are unreal. Emma its a photo Very Happy graphers dream. Our deepest dive was 16.8m and shallowest one was 9m.

We had to demonstrate reg recovery, bouyancy and mask clears on the first dive, and yes i cleared my mask at 9m ( you'd be proud squirrel). We had 3 different dive masters each day but they were great, We'd love to show you some photos but the brand new fuji got smashed in the suitcase.....bummer ...........but thats what insurance is for! So we have splashed out on a DVD of us diving. Well post some pictures when we get home.

Now what have we seen.?????????????????

sea snake
giant moray ( big ugly bastard) must have been a foot in diameter
loads of spotted rays
loads of lion fish
a crocodile fish
big groupers ( i think thats what they are called)
picasso fish
butterfly fish
angel fish
the list just goes on.

oh yeh, i played with the clown fish around theyre anenome- truly beautiful little fish.

As for the corals all you can say is wow.
Each dive has been worth every penny.

We even got the girls in 9 m of water snorkling with tweety pie arm bands, theyre only 6 and 4 . it was soooo funny, each time maisie (4) saw a fish she squeeled really loudly and the noise trumpeted out of her snorkel.

We so proud of them. were taking them on a island trip tomorrow where they can see the corals at about 1m and steve and i are on the look out for the napolian fish.

We have been really spoiled with this holiday, but it has been great to start to learn properly now really depending on your buddy cos we havent got you guys floating around just keeping ane eye on us in the pool

As for the Egyptions, they are the most hospitable, generous people around, they cant do enough for you. weve also made a great friend Joseph, our first leader (DM) he has taken us into Hurghada and got us away from the tourist areas, weve smoked shisha with the locals etc etc ec.

Im afraid to say we have got the bug big time so you will be seeing more of us if thats ok. Maisie wants to learn how to dive NOW so get ready!!!!!!!

Cant wait ti see you all again, aparently the dry suits are ready so we need so training smudge, tink and squirrel, then we can venture into the English sea.

thanks for getting us to this stage, i ll buy you all a pint when we see you next.

Love and Hugs and thnks

See you all soon

Emma ( a bit sunbunt) And Steve ( unhappy tummy) Georgia and Maisie ( both lovin it) XXXX
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PostSubject: WHAT CAN I SAY   Sun Jul 27, 2008 10:17 pm

I think i can speak for most of the crew when i say " That's what make's it all worthwhile. Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy "
So glad to hear that you are loving every second. It makes all that hard work you guys put in worth it.:cheers:
I hope you enjoy the rest of the holiday, and we look forward to hearing your tales and seeing your perfect diving on dvd.


:!: :!: :!:
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Advanced Open Water

PostSubject: Re: Diving in the Red Sea off Hurghada   Mon Aug 04, 2008 9:46 pm

Squirrel, weve watched the dvd and what can i say ..................Laughing

for style i score nil points Embarassed i look like some monster octopussy thing from the deep!!!!!!!! 🤡 👽 :geek:

i really need some advice. on the last dive i look ok (ish - for a beginner)
we think its cos i reduced my weights on the advice of one of the DM's advice but it took me ages to get down with less weight.

Steve and i keep giggling when we see it.

Steve looks like a dood Cool ( i think im cramping his style)

do you or anyone else have the time to give me some advice????????????

trust me if you have a rotten day and need a giggle its worth it.
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PostSubject: Re: Diving in the Red Sea off Hurghada   

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Diving in the Red Sea off Hurghada
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