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 HUrghda Dive Fest

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PostSubject: HUrghda Dive Fest   Fri Apr 01, 2011 9:42 am

Well Two week in Egypt what can I say the Best two weeks ever.....

11 days diving over the two weeks with a fantastic bunch of friends. Dive connection in El Gouna made catered for our every need from plain old air to sofno lime for the re-breathers stage cylinders to steal! Twins, nothing was too much trouble for them. Nico, the dive centre manager was simply the best.
Simon Tw has been living in Egypt for the past 8 years and his experience and local knowledge proved invaluable. He is running the same trip next year so those of you that like diving Egypt watch this space.
The Boat King 5 was almost totally at our disposal to do as we liked and dive the sites we wanted at our pace. Abu Nuhas must still be the best wrecks diving for me in the Red sea, but after spending Four amazing dives on the Rosalie Molar, I come away spoilt. The reefs where also at the best we had a few days with Octopus free swimming and a plethora of wild life associated with the Red sea. I was totally mesmerized by the whole thing.
We did 23 dive over the two weeks and one or two where really special, the first was the Rosalie Molar, I have never dived this wreck so the excitement levels where already high when we was planning our gas and times etc, but when we finally splashed in and descended to the wreck I was blown away by the size and how clear it all was, and the aquatic life was astronomical, the mid deck cabin was just a wash of small fish so dense that you couldnít see through them there where literally surrounded by big fat bellied Lion fish, Jacks and Tuna.
Soft Corals in abundance growing every where especially in the walk way and over hangs, urchins and anemones every where you looked, complete with the red sea man eatersÖ..The Clown fish. The first dive was 40mins on the wreck and 30mins Deco, the second dive was shorter but just as much fun, and the 3rd and 4th where very much like the first two, every time we found something different that amazed us even more. The only sad thing was the plaque that makes reference to a diver that lost his life on the wreck, but this reminds us that we are never to forget our training and should respect the underwater world. This wreck lies on the sea bed 40+ meters and should be treated with care when youíre planning the dive.
Plan the dive, Dive the plan!
Then there is the Gianis D, yet another stunning wreck with an abundance of Aquatic life, Although I have dived this wreck several times is still is magical to me, we had 45mins looking round the engine room and various corridors towards the stern and a great reef at the side to do your deco on. Although seeing the Mooring lines and hangs tank disappear when the wind kicked up was a little unnerving! But we didnít want to see our Boat drifting to the sea bed as we did our stops!! Our Skipper was well on the ball when it came time to pick us up.
We dived countless reefs and all the main wrecks around the Hurghda area, sadly Dori didnít manage to find the Sharks she has been pining for, maybe next time darling. Maybe we should have invited the Russians!!
The Hurghda Dive fest might become an annual event, the cost didnít break the bank either, the flights were only £240 including 30kg luggage, although we did have slightly more tucked into my pockets, good job they donít weigh our coats!
The Diving was 40 Euros a day, twins sets 5 Euros a day, we paid a supplement for the Rosalie of 25 Euro, worth every penny, and the night dive we did was extra but again worth it to see Doriís face when I found a Spanish dancer. O2 to 100% and Trimix were also readily available, and very cheap. Nitrox to 32% was free.
Accommodation in El Gouna is around the 300euro mark for 3 bed apartment. El Gouna is not like the rest of Egypt, for one Haggling is outlawed and it has a very relaxed feel to it, the beach and marina are out of this world. For about £10 you get a taxi and go to Hurghda and enjoy the culture side of Egypt if you like, take about 30mins. Little brightly coloured ďtuk tukísĒ run a ferrying service every where.
To sum up the best host, best boat, and best diving, best wreck, best dive buddy, best company, best food and by far the best diving holiday I have ever had.
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PADI Assistant Instructor

Humor : Dum spiro spero

PostSubject: Re: HUrghda Dive Fest   Fri Apr 01, 2011 9:53 am

Octopi Garden

Have little look at the link for the vidoe of the Octopus........

And check out the my Face book for some of the 800+ pictures (not all posted lol )

Fack book Link
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HUrghda Dive Fest
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