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 Last Dive 2010 30/12/10 Dorothea - North Wales

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Andy W
always moist & wet
always moist & wet

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PostSubject: Last Dive 2010 30/12/10 Dorothea - North Wales   Fri Dec 31, 2010 7:12 pm

Well just the three of us for the final dive of 2010.

Robert, Killa, ME.

We met at Caernafon Morrisons around 9.45 am. I was a little after this as I didnt realise that Mr Killburn and Mr Turner had chartered a Eurofighter for the day to get them there.

After careful guidance from Rob and Killa we managed to get my car in to the quarry minus the oil sump, and front and rear skirts, (You cant do enough for a good cause)

We proceeded on dives as below.

Dive 1
The three of us headed in, Feeling alot inadequate to say the least being with the two legends (Killa did keep reminding me thankfully).
We took agentle descent round to the left of the quarry and over to the 22m tunnells. Over the side and a gentle swim around slowly descending to the gnome garden at 40 m obviously keeping within recreational diving limits. A nice gentle swim around from the gnome garden and gentle asscent with safety stops we resurfaced back at our entry point after a superb 46 minute dive.

Dive 2
Just Robert and myself for dive 2, Killa was the true gentleman and let me use his remainding air to have another dive as I was low with only 50 bar left. (Thanks Killa I havent forgotten that I owe you 9.72 for the air hire).

So just a gentle shallow dive round to the right to the crane at 9m. Then back along dropping over the shelf, keeping the wall to our left we headed over to the tunnels keeping a max depth of 25 - 30 m.
Thanks to Rob for showing me some referencep points for future navigation.

An Excellent day Thanks again to Rob and Killa.

AW wave wave wave
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Dive Master & AMED

PostSubject: Re: Last Dive 2010 30/12/10 Dorothea - North Wales   Fri Dec 31, 2010 8:57 pm

So jealous Andy, but then it has been fun where we are so far.

Can't believe I'm missing 2 Dotty trips for a week skiing.

Andy why didn't you take those other twins? - Take them on Sunday! Smile

Sounds like you had a good 2 dives with the 2 Legends.

Enjoy next Dotty dive and take care of Charlie
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PostSubject: Re: Last Dive 2010 30/12/10 Dorothea - North Wales   Sat Jan 01, 2011 10:33 am

Hope the car is OK - we'll see how the ProScuba van copes tommorow.

Sounds like some good diving - shame there wasn't more there
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PostSubject: Last dive 2010   Sat Jan 01, 2011 11:06 am

As my fellow dive legend said we had a good days diving in an empty dotty. Andys car may need some repairs but the legends 4x4 sailed through!!!!
The first dive was a good one. Andy and me stayed together trying to catch rob "the fast fins" turner!!!! Didn't feel very well so gave, sorry sold my air to Andy so he could dive with fast fins.

Once again a good day was had by us all.
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PostSubject: Re: Last Dive 2010 30/12/10 Dorothea - North Wales   

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Last Dive 2010 30/12/10 Dorothea - North Wales
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