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 Vivian - Midweek Dive

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PostSubject: Vivian - Midweek Dive   Fri Aug 13, 2010 5:34 pm

Some of the now regular midweek divers set off in the rain yesterday for a very wet Vivian. (Although not as wet as Greater Manchester was on our return)

Lex, Andy W (who had taken a rare days leave) Sammy and I more or less had the quarry to ourselves, just 7 other divers had logged in before us.

The owners were their usual pleasant selves, happy to oblige and assist us in any way. Andy W was a virgin to this site but has since adopted it as one of his favourites.

So after jumping in and Andy losing an essential part of his weight-belt buckle we finally got him down although he was a little light. Following the one way system Andy soon lost the other 3 of us, Lex located him and brought him over to the boat at the shallow end. Here we did the cracked egg tricks, playing ball with the yolks.

A new style dsmb was then put into use by Lex and Andy, it shot up like a rocket, then we set about a search and recovery operation to locate the belt buckle, unsuccessfully.

The second dive was as different as a dive could be in the same piece of water. Firstly Andy got down with a repaired weight belt, thanks to the great owners who sold him a buckle and not a full weight belt. Lex had ear problems but then they popped and we set off to look for eels. Could not see anything at the deep end. Even the buildings were hidden in the dark stirred up vis. It was nice to get back into the shallow end to see each other again.

Overall a great days diving, pity about the journey home around Manchester...

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Vivian - Midweek Dive
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