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 Bonny Scotland- bank holiday weekend!

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PostSubject: Bonny Scotland- bank holiday weekend!   Sat May 29, 2010 8:20 pm

Well I thought I would get the ball rolling with the first of our posts from this bank holiday weekend!

Only one dive for us today as we all enjoyed a bit of r&r this morning, with the kids!

Loch Fyne was the location, and whilst we were completing our pre-dive safety discussion we saw a pod of dolphins!
Teresa and I buddied, as did emma and Steve.
36 min dive for us, max depth 22m. Lots to see including millions of jelly fish ( amazing when they change colours! ), crabs, lobster, urchins, big star fish and fish!

Shore cover was gratefully provided by Rich and the girls. Although it was more like mobile shore cover, via your little boat! Lol. Very jealous of Rich, as the dolphins circled him whilst we were in the water!

Pics to follow from teresa...

Weather good, campsite lovely, company great! ... Mobile signals are pants lol!

x pinky
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PostSubject: Re: Bonny Scotland- bank holiday weekend!   Sat May 29, 2010 8:27 pm

Sound Great, just wish I was there

Told you it's not a bad place to dive and visit. Look forward to see a few pictures.
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tic toc
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PostSubject: Re: Bonny Scotland- bank holiday weekend!   Mon May 31, 2010 3:54 pm

thanks all for a really nice weekend . good diving great company , we will have to go back and dive up there again soon
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hob nobby


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PostSubject: Re: Bonny Scotland- bank holiday weekend!   Thu Jun 03, 2010 5:19 pm

thanks guys.....sorry for the delayed response......back to the real world and all that nonsense.

I love it....first proper uk sea??? diving???

i loved the jellies, and huge starfish and it was so funny when i upset the scallop...so cute!!!

Jack joined us on the sunday but only one dive im afraid.

When i find the lead for the camera i will post some piccies. we had a real giggle with the sumo suits especially when we dressed georgia and elise in them.

Its a top campsite but space is limited so id always suggest you book prior to departure.

i think the midges were just starting but they wernt so bad...however were still removing ticks from the dogs !!!!!! (nasties)

hope to see you all soon


ps no sign of Pete Diver and friend ...did you go??????
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PostSubject: Re: Bonny Scotland- bank holiday weekend!   Thu Jun 03, 2010 10:11 pm

Yep we was all there but on the west side of the Loch. Did Furness point / Dog fish reef, First dive 38mtr and there was still a big + just kept going down, 48mins and we found loads of life, Doggies, crabs, stars, urchins, dead mans fingers the list goes on and on......after a short drive down the Loch we came to the Tea rooms, quick nibble and in again, this was again a good reef, 18mtr for 60 mins+ and then back to the lodge for Tea.........Curry in the local restaurant a few beers and bed.

Cooked break fast for all 8 and off to Tarburt to fill tanks at Loch Fyne divers. (What agreat service, planning a boat trip with them later in year if any one is interested?)

We was told about a very nice local site to dive Shell beach, bit of a climb but well worth it, the beach was just like a tropical beach.
In we went and the vis was amazing.......10mtrs+ easy, we did 45 mins when we had a little discussion about directions to shore, but all well and back on the shore with another 60+ mins under our belts, time for a brew and our shore cover was bang on with the tea and snacks.

As the regatta was just about over and there was loads of sailing boats coming back into the harbour we decided to have a bimble just round the bay wall, well this dive will forever be known as Doplhin reef, as we surfaced a pod of ten plus were playing around about 100 yards from where we were bobbing around, they stayed for ages by the time i climbed out of the water i had tears in my eyes. the perfect end to another perfect dive.
We filled with air and headed back for supper......Scollops and crabs and loads for a bar-be, such a perfect place made for diving.
We set off Monday wanting to do two Dives so we headed to Seal Reef, was only in the water 17mins when we had a bit of an OOA situation not a good place to be 26mtr with only 60bar!!
We did a u turn and surfaced with 40bar.

Just goes to show you you should always check your air! This was the only dive we didn't do a full buddy check!! oops.
So that was my weekend in scotland......Shame the helicopter went down a day later, would have been an interesting dive!

Yep you could say we all had a great time and we will be back the drive was well worth it.

But words don't do justice to the dive sites or the Location.

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hob nobby


Humor : the sillier the better - when will i eva grow up

PostSubject: Re: Bonny Scotland- bank holiday weekend!   Fri Jun 04, 2010 9:37 am

wow...full on diving weekend then....sounds great (apart from the oops! bit)

i know i wanted a cream tea but never saw one

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PostSubject: Re: Bonny Scotland- bank holiday weekend!   

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Bonny Scotland- bank holiday weekend!
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